by Word Smart

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here you have it!!!

recorded at devin house


released May 29, 2017



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Word Smart Marshfield, Massachusetts

word smart is a "band" from marshfield massachusetts

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Track Name: Reality Song
there was nothing in my sleep but rerun dreams and the faces i have yet to adapt to i used to see the romance in singing but then i shut my mouth because romance isnt something i can see there is nothing to find in me what i used to see has been covered by my launch to reality my life doesnt change but the knowledge of that is what i can use to move myself from side to side ill think about what i have and the fact it doesnt mean a thing no nose no eyes nowhere i dont have to stay around but im fully so scared there is something left i dont have a clue what that is no sense no goals no stairs having had a taste of love has made me impaired there is something left i dont know if ill find it
Track Name: Gotten There
knocking myself back and forth waiting for something to make sure this east coast is the same as my own nose gotten used to playing clueless when i havent seen the light but i also like to say that ive gotten there sometimes no one is after their own life we all have too much to buy from the all the people convincing us of something while were still alive i havent gotten too keen to myself under my new self cause ive been feeling too eager to give it some time saying good things having fun feeling like everything is something else and my completion is a lie gotten sounds from my almosts havent seen anything to prove im alright its something that ill just wait for everything says to me hello youre not the one in this place youre not the person listening now and will soon drop your head for goodbye
Track Name: Sing Myself To Sleep
next is the fall to the floor next is the way to the door i havent got a clue to it i guess it doesnt matter just yet faithful fully has a catch consistency isnt there im ricocheting off walls instead looking for meaning in opposites i looked inside of my head i looked at the floor instead i said some words that ive heard before waiting for little clues to the door saying its over is fine in fact to say it is right i guess i am the place i belong i am the weather inside the heart ive got my life could break again my eyes could sting somewhere but ill be in myself with more to sing myself to sleep i have a life maybe worth living i have a sound maybe worth hearing i have a sight maybe worth seeing i am my own lost house inside my ears
Track Name: I Guess
it sings a messed up din of fireflies it was a lifetime in some days of light dont go away please stay a friend of mine i watched a movie to the beat of mine the beat of my pain i guess the beat of continuation i dont have much to say about it i have been up i have been gone i will make something out of what i dont have i will get along out of the empty box that ive always kept spotless everything is whatever but i am turning over
Track Name: Drifted
saying where did i come from getting lost and then found staying under for no reason and then getting more sounds for the car i dont feel the way i should i dont have much to write i will make sure i stay this way until i figure out just where to hide i learned the words before the song and then i drifted in what to say i learned whatever there was to learn at the age where i guess its ok changing all of my routines making life out of that it was said that i dont have time but you could say that i am alright it forgets to wake me up the sun rising outside i believe that i understand but it doesnt matter much alright say to someone what it means to get over the line say to someone how it feels to change the way you sigh
Track Name: I Could Be
next time ill drop my things and see myself see things i tend to see but not in me i like the prayers but not the prayers intent i wish the separation was my friend they say we have to define what we know and turn it into something beside growth i dont care much i need a second though i need something but i will never know i could be alive i could be awake but im here today live the day away have a second thought just for the sake of the poetry of repetition and the advice that will never come get lost i say to all my old supports the steady fixtures that have kept me poor ambivalence is all that i can find sorry if this is all a waste of time say what can i do to get rid of this this quest for nothing ive bestowed on me nevermind that there is much more to do as far as magic goes its up to you making strides is not the same as this all this poetry of repetition and the singing that will still be there
Track Name: Backwards
i forget to go to the bathroom im here i dont want anything to change lost the answer wasnt there you could say i never found it here we go im lost as i have ever been this is where i get the same as what ive gotten the time is speeding up so why cant i go backwards hearts are nonexistent if you think of them as something else laughs are always distant if you listen to the silence and make it sound
Track Name: Finding Sound
theres something in this waiting im not sure what theres nothing to believe in but im sure that there is something to get to once i wind down there is something to cling to once i find sound just moving forward doesnt feel like much compared to staying still with someone else there is something to get to once i wind down there is something to cling to once i find sound ill forgive myself for what i put myself through and what i do about it
Track Name: Hours
i have been singing in the shower i dont know what i want i dont know what i want well actually i know it well we go to talk a walk around the city park but i dont know where it goes at the times i need it most
Track Name: Fountain Pens
naming fountain pens for giggles saying many things for pleasure i dont care if im not happy anymore theres nothing in me there wasnt a clue in my life to bring me anywhere saying anything is hopeless moving credit cards is useless i will do what im supposed to not what will drain my sense of you i have a still frame in my head of what will come of this there is so much more than this game but the game could be so much more heavy waiting is more than a game its more just awful luck heavy breathing ill run up the stairs and try and forget this nevermind ill just stare straight ahead and watch things disappear